Thursday, 4 August 2011



it's Ramadan, the most bless n full of barakah month, well im not be talking about fasting or anything related to it.
Ed just want to share about  diz on9 bisnes kinda thing, since dat its a tred now to shop on9 so i thing why did'nt i give it a try, so ed bli la hijab dekat satu on9 store nie, part time basis, so kinda lambt la servis die, yg 2 ed x ksa sgt la, coz i used to wait for people, hihihii....

ok serius2, xde la yg ed nk marah nye 2, da la servis lambat, pastue jawab acuh x acuh, ape bende nie bai, lu nk niage lu kne la pndai amek aty pelanggan (btol x?? sila angguk). da la ed bru 1st time nk try on9 shopping nie (nmpak sangat ketinggalan zaman, sila abaikan).

n then confirmkan order pon serius lambat kot, i have to wait about a day, lame kowt, i noe it's part time basis but try to make it fast enough la, b comited to ur job, to ur bisnes, adoi....

then after i made my payment, there's no replied msg throug email or anything saying dat they have received my payment, ed tertanye2 la yg dorg da check blom msg ed, da dpt blom duit, nth terbankin kat acc org lain ke ape ke ka, human make mistake bhaaaa....

ok here's the time board, i make my order on wednesday, they confirm the thursday, i make my pay on friday, n i receive my good on tuesday, ed just nk tegur je la pa da on9 store owner out there if u ever happen to read my entry (bajet cm ramai pulak nk bce, acececeee...)

  • be warm to your customer
  • try to maintain a good n fast service
  • send a confirmation msg dat u have received their payment

x rugi pon luangkan mase lebih tok pelanggan sebab kalau service u bagouz, tiptop, customer x lari, infact they'll loyal to u pal, so fikir2kan la, "BUDI BAHASA BUDAYA KITA", (terskema la pulak, lalalaaaaaa.....)

thx for reading!

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